Rethinking Investments with Banana Capital


In today’s world, an increasing number of people recognize the importance of investments, as they play a key role in achieving financial stability and growth. That’s precisely why we at Banana Capital strive to offer our partners unique opportunities to diversify investment portfolios, access professional asset management, and participate in early investment rounds that may be inaccessible to individual investors.

Fund History

We initially acquired BTC in 2017. Later, in 2020, we continued to supplement our cryptocurrency portfolio regularly at favorable prices, subsequently benefiting from upward market movements.

In 2021, our investments in BTC yielded a 400% return, while altcoins saw a 2,000% return. As the DeFi protocol boom began, we actively invested in staking and farming, achieving impressive yields. We invested early directly in projects and participated in launchpads and token sales.

In 2022 and 2023, building upon all our previous experiences, we refined our strategies and solidified our results. We focused on and continue emphasizing long-term scalable strategies with limited risks and high returns. We concluded the year with dynamic returns ranging from 30% to 120% annually, depending on the strategy.

What is Banana Capital?

It is a full-cycle investment company: hedge fund, venture capital arm, and incubator, specializing in Web3 projects.

Banana Capital’s story began in 2017 within a family office, where we actively invested our capital. Over time, our strategies demonstrated stability and high profitability in any market conditions.

Despite our special attention to risk control and asset allocation, our investment returns outperform the U.S. Venture Capital Index and CCI30. Thanks to our unique strategies, our capital grows yearly, even in high Web3 market volatility conditions.

Goal and Mission

  • For Investors: We aim to assist investors in safely managing capital, diversifying risks, and consistently achieving high returns regardless of the Web3 market dynamics.
  • For Founders: We provide support to project founders not only through financial backing, but also by offering assistance in early-stage incubation.
  • Our Team: Leveraging years of experience, we serve as gateways for investors to opportunities for safe capital expansion.
  • Our Mission: We strive to contribute to the development of the Web3 market, employing secure yet high-yielding investment strategies.

Our Advantages

  • We offer services for creating and managing portfolios according to your needs, risk profile, capital volume, and investment horizon.
  • We offer investors the opportunity to earn money in the cryptocurrency market using the same strategies we employ to increase our own capital.
  • Since 2017, our strategies have demonstrated stability under any market conditions, outperforming the U.S. Venture Capital Index and CCI30 regarding investment returns.
  • We are confident in the effectiveness of our strategies. Thus, we primarily focus on success fees. Ultimately, we are all in the same boat with our investors.
  • In the venture capital sphere, we don’t just limit ourselves to investing but act as an incubator, enhancing the value of projects and stimulating their growth.

Our Team

In the financial world, every company serves as a place where not only money converges but also individuals’ deep knowledge, experience, and professionalism. While predicting trends and making informed decisions are important in financial markets, teamwork plays a significant role. At Banana Crypto, more than 70 individuals contribute to our success and prosperity.

New Horizons

Each year, the company continues its journey in the Web3 ecosystem, striving for new heights and successes. In 2024, we have set ambitious goals for expanding the investment fund and entering the international market.

We look back on our journey with pride and invite everyone to join us in our quest to be listed among the world’s Tier-1 funds. Subscribe to our social media!