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A full-cycle investment company: hedge fund, venture capital arm and incubator, specializing in Web3 projects.
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  • For Investors
    We aim to assist investors in safely managing capital, diversifying risks, and consistently achieving high returns regardless of the Web3 market dynamics.
  • For Founders
    We provide support to project founders not only through financial backing but also by offering assistance in early-stage incubation.
  • Our Team
    Leveraging years of experience, we serve as gateways for investors to opportunities for safe capital expansion.
  • Our Mission
    We strive to contribute to the development of the Web3 market, employing secure yet high-yielding investment strategies.

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We provide portfolio services to your needs, matching your requirements, risk tolerance, capital volume, and investment timeline.
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An international company operating in 14 cryptocurrency sectors with 7 business directions.

A full-cycle investment company: hedge fund, venture capital arm and incubator, specializing in Web3 projects.

A venture investment platform connecting investors with promising Web3 projects in their early stages.

A division providing various services for a strategic approach to passive venture investing in early-stage Web3 projects.

A community of enthusiasts engaged in various activities to generate income in the Web3 market.

A media hub providing up-to-date information and trends on the Web3 market.

A Web3 educational platform aimed at individuals with varying levels of knowledge.

A division providing financial support to clients and advisory services.


  1. Hedge Fund Department

    • Providing Liquidity in DeFi Protocols
    • Discretionary Portfolio Management
    • Quantitative Trading or Statistical Arbitrage
    • Medium & Low-Frequency Algorithmic Trading
  2. Venture Fund Department

    • Venture Capital Platform
    • Venture Equity Investments
    • Blockchain Validation Strategy
    • Early-Stage Tokens Investments



Investment Areas

Web3 & Blockchain: Infra, DeFi, AA, AI, DePIN, RWA, GameFi Infra.

Funding Rounds

Pre-seed, Seed and Private Rounds.

Venture Equity

Exposure to equity in companies leveraging innovative technologies to develop cutting-edge products and services.

Early-Stage Tokens

Exposure to new, efficient, and scalable projects. We focus on investing in tokens at a discounted rate compared to the eventual listing price.

Liquid Tokens

Investing in the largest and most liquid digital assets. Leveraging our deep market expertise, we strategically trade tokens, capitalizing on market inefficiencies.
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  • Consensys

    A complete suite of products to create and participate in Web3. Metamask developer – the leading self-custodial wallet for over 100 million users annually.
  • LayerZero

    An omnichain interoperability protocol enables the realization of cross-chain applications with a low-level communication primitive.
  • Stargate

    Fully composable liquidity transport protocol that lives at the heart of omnichain DeFi.
  • Manta Network

    A scaled blockchain is easy to build & interesting to use.
  • Magic Square

    A discovery and engagement platform that connects users to the Web3 and blockchain ecosystem.
  • GamePlan

    Decentralized investment applications that allow you to discover and invest in high-quality Web3 projects, follow other investors in the space, and make better investments faster.
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  • Investments & Fundraising
    • Market Making
    • Strategic Investing
    • Building an Investment Relations
    • Business Development & Pitching
    • Interaction with Launchpads & Exchanges
  • Incubation & Advising
    • Strategic Consulting
    • Assistance in Listing on CEX
    • Recruiting Experienced Stuff
    • Assistance with Blockchain Validation & Nodes
    • Preparation of Technical & Presentation Documentation
    • Development of Tokenomics, Economic & Business Model
    • Create a Cryptocurrency Investment Sector within Traditional Funds
  • Strategy Consulting
    • Mediabuying & KOLs Influencers
    • Assistance in Blockchain Validation
    • Increasing the Credibility of the Project
    • Integrating NFT Technology into Marketing
    • Competitors, Market Size & Revenues Analysis
    • Personal Branding, Go-to-Market & Growth Hacking
  • Marketing
    • Public Relations & Storytelling
    • Partnerships & Collaborations
    • Event Organization and Execution
    • Community Management & Engagement
    • Social Media Marketing & Content Management
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  • Digital Solutions for Business
    • Design
    • Develop
    • Implement
    • Maintain
  • Focus on the Web
    • Applications
    • Blockchain
    • Games
    • Design
    • Internet marketing
  • Software Development

    • Program Development
    • Website Development
    • Corporate Website Portals
    • Create an Automation System
  • Business Digitalization

    • Digital Transformation
    • Business Automation
    • Digital Development Plans
  • Business Automation

    • Automation of Production
    • Reduce Human Labour
    • Setting Up Complex Digital Equipment
    • Implement CRM System
  • Technical Support

    • Program Support
    • Setup Stable Program
    • Handle Technical Issues
    • Update Informational System